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  1. Firms failing managers

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    New research has shown more than a third of line managers have not been trained in how to supervise people – creating relationship and culture problems.

    A survey from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) revealed that 24% of managers are often forced to put the interests of their …

  2. Handling difficult feedback – a case study

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    Most people find that their 360° feedback report is a positive and enlightening experience often containing better news than they were expecting. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the culture of an organisation is not accustomed to open honest feedback and sometimes individuals have a very misguided understanding of …

  3. Be clear on the purpose of 360 degree feedback

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    While 360 degree feedback can be a powerful tool for cultural change in an organisation, a common mistake is to see its implementation as an end goal in itself.

    In many ways this is missing the point entirely as 360 degree feedback is not a solution to performance problems …

  4. Feedback can be scary, but so can life in the dark

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    For most people, what they see in the mirror is not what others see. This is true of us all, and the person we see staring back at us is either an idealised version of our true selves or one that’s clouded by self-doubt.

    To get a true picture of ourselves, …

  5. US military looks to adopt 360 feedback

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    The US military looks set to adopt the principles of 360 degree feedback in an effort to improve the selection of future leaders.

    According to the military’s top officer, reviews offering an insight into how military officers are viewed by their subordinates may be used by command screening boards….