Emails not getting through.

Symptom: questionnaire emails sent to colleagues using company email addresses are not being received, but emails sent to outside email addresses such as are getting through with no problem.

Cause: The company mail server is incorrectly classifying the emails as junk mail and is blocking them.

Solution: In the first instance you should ask your colleague to check their junk email to see if the email ended up there. If still no luck our emails will need to be recognised by the company firewall as coming from a safe sender – the IT dept will be able to do this with the information below:

Our sender email addresses:


Our sending server IP addresses:

  • ( – 127)
  • ( – 255)

By default we send emails using the “on behalf of” format so that they appear to be coming from the person who is running the 360 project. However, some mailservers regard this as spoofing and reject the emails. If this is happening we can change the email header so that the emails appear to come from and this normally clears this problem.

(Technical explanation at IETF RFC2822 section 3.6.2)

User cannot find a new 360 in their account

Symptom: A new 360 has been assigned to a user, but when they log in it does not appear on their control panel.

Cause: This can happen when the user has more than one account on the system and they are simply logging in the the wrong one.

Solution: You should ask the user if they have another account on the system and to try that. When assigning appraisals to users you should decide carefully whether you want to assign them to a user’s existing account if they have one (recommended) or if there is a good reason to create a new one.

Where a user has more than one account we can merge them on request.

A questionnaire shows partially complete with no remaining questions

Symptom: A questionnaire appears on the control panel with an amber marker indicating that it is not complete – but there are no remaining questions to answer.

Cause: The user has answered all the questions but then not clicked the <save> button at the bottom. The answers have been autosaved on the system.

Solution: This issue will resolve in one of three ways:

  • The user returns to the questionnaire and clicks on the save button,
  • The report is generated and the questionnaire is automatically closed in the process.
  • After a period of 12 hours inactivity the system will automatically close the questionnaire.

In any of the above cases the answers as recorded will be preserved.