360 Degree Feedback from Appraisal360 – Features and Benefits

Instant Signup – easy to use

You can sign up right away on our website and be up and running within minutes – you can even pay online with your credit card if you wish. We have a range of standard competency frameworks to suit most job types, just choose the profile best suited to your needs.

Self Managed – administer your own projects

We give you all the controls you need to run your 360 feedback projects quickly and easily right from your desktop. Our easy-to-use control panels enable you to assign assessments, monitor progress, send reminders and access reports as they become available.

Off the shelf competency frameworks – or use your own

We have a range of competency frameworks and questionnaires available off the shelf and ready to go. Most of our customers find that our standard products meet their needs just fine, but if you have your own competency framework or a specialised application that needs its own questionnaire then we can load that up and run it for you for a nominal extra cost.

Online service – no software required

All you need to get up and running is a web browser and an email account. We’ve designed Appraisal360 so that there’s only proven technology so that even the most basic desktop systems will be able to cope. A real benefit for corporate users who work behind firewalls and who often don’t have the latest features.

Real Time email validation

Imagine how frustrating it can be if your clients don’t receive their questionnaires in time because of invalid email addresses. Well we test every email address entered into our system online and in real time and prompt users if we find suspected errors. A real boost to productivity and reliability that none of our competitors can offer.

Free phone and email support – to keep things running smoothly

In the unlikely event that you run into any problems – or if you need any advice – you’ll find that we are just a phone call (or an email) away. Most times we can sort your query straight away but if not we promise to get back to you by the next working day.

Free support materials – to help your coaching programme

Having a feedback report is one thing – but knowing what to do with it is quite another. That’s why we provide you with free downloadable support materials that trainers and mentors can use as a basis for their coaching sessions and that candidates can work through by themselves.

Management Reports – to develop your organisation

Running a 360 feedback exercise across your company inevitably gathers a huge amount of information about your people, your company and how it all works together – or not. If you’re wondering where to focus your efforts and you want to identify the issues, the highlights and lowlights, the management hotspots and coldspots – this could be a good place to start. Every organisation is different so we offer a custom service – call us and find out.

Prices start from just £63.05 (ex VAT) per candidate

Our prices are a lot less than you might think. Our charges are per candidate (or workset). A workset includes everything you need to complete a 360 degree assessment:- questionnaires for the client and as many respondents as you wish to choose, the downloadable support materials and the full feedback report.

Call for your free online demonstration

Interested? We’re happy to give you a free, no obligation demonstration of our system and discuss how it could work for you. Usually 10-15 minutes on the phone is all it takes and you’ll be confident to start right away once you’ve placed your order.