1. Handling difficult feedback – a case study

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    Most people find that their 360° feedback report is a positive and enlightening experience often containing better news than they were expecting. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the culture of an organisation is not accustomed to open honest feedback and sometimes individuals have a very misguided understanding of their own behaviour and the way it impacts on others.

    Situations like this can present real challenges to the business coach or mentor who is handling the feedback project and trying to achieve positive outcomes for the candidates involved. Changing the culture of an organisation takes time, effort and careful planning on the part of the practitioners involved.

    This month Jacqui Burke – one of our experienced practitioners and delivery partners – writing in our Expert Voices section, tells about just such a case. A middle manager in his early fifties who had been employed by the same organisation for most of his working life, who had no idea of the impact that he had on others and to whom open feedback was completely alien.

    Read more about how Jacqui tackled this difficult situation and about her tips for dealing with delivering challenging feedback.