• Special 360° feedback tools Single

    Special 360° feedback tools Single

Enhanced Management for 360° feedback projects

Managing the progress of many individual 360° feedback surveys is key to the smooth running of your project. A 360 degree feedback project means keeping track of a large number of tiny surveys. Larger projects can generate thousands of questionnaires and keeping track of them can be an issue. If the project is a part of a broader people development programme then it will be vital to make sure that people have their reports ready in time for their slot in the programme. And of course you will need management reporting to show how things are running overall.

Download your progress reports

Progess reports are provided as Excel files and contain all you need to identify and selectively email candidates and respondents who have not completed parts of the process and to maintain a record of the overall project progress. We provide two separate reports: the Basic Overview report and the Incomplete Respondents report.

Basic Overview report

This report lists all the appraisees in your project and shows how many respondents have been added, how far they have progressed and whether the appraisee has completed the self perception.

Incomplete Respondents report

The Incomplete Respondents report lists all the respondents who have yet to complete their questionnaires, together with their email addresses so you can contact them easily. It will also highlight cases where one particular individual has been asked to be a respondent by an excessive number of appraisees, and where the whole project is being held up by one or two people.

To have the Project Manger tool added to your account contact us and we will arrange it for you or you can buy online via the website.