• Special 360° feedback tools Single

    Special 360° feedback tools Single

Before and after with 720 degree feedback

Sometimes it is useful to perform a 360 and then to repeat the process after some time as a way of assessing change. These before / after comparisons are sometimes known as 720 feedback. Typically this would be used where a candidate does a 360 assessment before a development intervention and then repeats the exercise some months later. The comparator tool highlights areas of change.

720 degree feedback with a click

The “Initiate 720” button on your control panel makes an identical copy of the original 360 which can be completed in the normal way. Once it’s been completed you can generate a separate report which compares the two.

720 degree feedback can be a useful way of measuring the effectiveness of development interventions. It’s so called because it involves going twice around the 360 feedback circuit.