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360 degree feedback questionnaire design

Many of our customers find that the range of standard 360° feedback questionnaires we provide has something that suits them just fine. Or they will work for them with minimal modification. But for some applications something a bit more bespoke is called for.

Installing questionnaires onto the system once they have been designed is easy using the Competency Profiler Tool and this also provides a good platform for structuring and testing. But sometimes getting to that point needs a little more input.

It could be that you already have a competency framework to suit your organisation or special application and you need to turn that into a questionnaire that will work well as part of a 360 degree feedback exercise. Creating questions that are easily understood by the people who work for you – and not just by the people who wrote them – is a science and will significantly affect the success or otherwise of your 360° feedback project. You will find more about this in our factsheet.

Competency framework and questionnaire design

If you’re looking to create a set of good questionnaires for your 360 degree feedback programme then we can help. We can:

  1. look over questionnaires you have designed yourself,
  2. help you with testing your questionnaires to see how well they work,
  3. develop 360° feedback questionnaires from an existing competency framework
  4. help you develop a competency framework from scratch.

If you think that we can help then contact us today.