• clear, simple, reports single

    clear, simple, reports single

Your 360 degree feedback report – clear and simple

360 degree feedback report in PDF format

360 degree feedback is a valuable addition to anyone’s personal development plan. This clear, simple and superb looking A4 formatted PDF document is something your people will be proud to own. Download a sample report >

Your report can be downloaded as soon as the last questionnaire has been completed – and once the report has been downloaded it’s locked to prevent any changes being made to the input data.

Your 360 degree feedback report explained

We know that your report is central to helping you get the best from the 360 degree feedback process and we think that clear and simple is best. So just like the rest of the Appraisal360 system your report has been designed to make it as easy to use as possible. We think it’s important that you can really feel what people are saying to you and not to lose the message by attempting too much complex – or misleading – analysis. So your 360 feedback report is in straightforward, easy to understand sections. Click the icons to enlarge:-

Section 1. Spider Diagram

360 degree feedback report spider diagram

  • Graphical overview of the main competencies.
  • Easy to understand at-a-glance.
  • Compares  your self perception with the feedback from your respondents.

Section 2. Competency Summary

360 degree feedback report - summary of competencies

  • Overview of the main competencies.
  • Graphical and numerical overview.
  • Compares at-a-glance your self perception with the feedback from your respondents.
  • Sequenced with the highest score at the top and the lowest at the bottom.

Section 3. Competency Detail – repeated for each competency

360 degree feedback report - competency detail

  • Breaks down each competency in turn to show underlying detail.
  • Self score, average feedback score and individual responses for each question.
  • Individual responses presented in a random order to preserve anonymity.
  • Individual responses colour coded to show responder groups.
  • Shows highest score at the top, lowest at the bottom.

Section 4. Free Text Questions

360 degree feedback report - free text

  • Free format written comments.
  • Compares feedback with appraisee’s own thoughts.
  • Brings out good points and bad points equally.
  • Comments reproduced in a random order to help preserve anonymity.

Section 5. Highlights and Lowlights

3600 degree feedback - highest and lowest scores

  • Identifies the five highest and five lowest scoring behaviours overall.
  • Provides a starting point for discussion.

Your Appraisal360 Workbook – online learning materials

360 degree appraisal workbook downloadEach report comes along with a workbook which:

  • Explains the 360 feedback process and how to get the best from it.
  • Tells you how to operate the system.
  • Helps you to interprete your report.
  • Has action planners to help you plan how best to use your feedback.
Use this to help analyse your report and develop your action plan. When you’ve finished you can add it into your Personal Development Plan. Download sample >

User Guide – online, fast, simple and comprehensive

360 degree appraisal user guide downloadWe provide a fast, simple way of managing the feedback process. The system has been designed to be user friendly and easy to use even by people with minimal IT knowledge. If you want to see just how easy it is then download our user guide which:

  • Explains how to operate the Appraisal360 system.
  • Contains screenshots and instructions.
  • Gives specific guidance for trainers, candidates and respondents.


If you want to know more about how easy it is to operate the Appraisal360 system then download the user guide now or call us for a free no-obligation demonstration.

Statistical, Summary and Management Reports

A 360 feedback project across your organisation inevitably gathers a huge amount of information about your people and how they work together. Our statistical reports will help you mine that data and use it to develop your management action plans. Call us to discuss your requirements on 01782 681214.

Alternative report formats

360 degree appraisal report in online formatAnonymised PDF Format

Useful in potentially sensitive situations the Feedback Anonymiser renders respondent tracking impossible by scrambling the report output and removing rater group information. Learn more >

360 degree feedback report in Excel formatExcel (xls) Format

Designed for people who want to do further processing on their reports or design their own format. The report data is tabulated in an Excel spreadsheet designed for easy onward processing. Download sample >