• Special 360° feedback tools Single

    Special 360° feedback tools Single

Specialist 360 feedback tools

By using specialist tools you can hugely increase the value of a 360 feedback project. Our tools broadly fall into three categories: management / organisational development information, enhanced individual reporting and enhanced 360 project administration.

720 Comparator

Used to generate before / after comparison reports for individuals. Also known as 720 feedback. Typically this would be used where a candidate does a 360 assessment before a development intervention and then repeats the exercise some months later. The comparator tool highlights areas of change. Learn more >

Aggregate and Benchmarking Reports

These summarise report data across your entire 360 project population and are useful for identifying competency hot / cold spots and for Training Needs Analysis. These datasets can also be used to help identify cultural issues within an organisation and can pinpoint individuals where particular interventions may be beneficial. Learn more >


Useful in potentially sensitive situations this tool renders respondent tracking impossible by scrambling the report output and removing rater group information. Learn more >

Competency Profiler

Enables you to build your own competency libraries and quickly build bespoke questionnaires by dragging / dropping competency modules as required. Can be used both with our off the shelf competency modules or ones you have designed yourself. Learn more >

Project Management Tool

Helps keep track of all your participants via easy to use dataset download. Contains all you need to identify and selectively email candidates and respondents who have not completed parts of the process and to maintain a record of the overall project progress. Learn more >

Trainer Manager

In situations where a number of people are responsible for running 360 projects this allows bulk purchasing and distribution of licenses and management of multiple trainers / administrators. Learn more >