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Feedback Delivery

The way that information in 360 degree feedback report is managed is arguably the most important part of the entire intervention. This part of the process can make the difference between real personal growth and performance improvement, or little change because there is no real engagement with the feedback.

Effective feedback facilitation is essential because this is where the individual learning points are teased out and action plans formulated. A critical part of this process is ensuring ownership – not just awareness, of the feedback.

There are many different ways in which feedback facilitation can take place, either through internal management or provided by us – the critical point is that some discussion and action planning takes place. We can help you to design and implement with whatever strategy works best for you.

One-to-one feedback

For many, this is the gold standard of feedback delivery. Once the 360 report is collated the appraisee attends a one-to-one session with a facilitator to discuss their feedback, any issues coming out of it and then identify the actions they want to take as a result.

Some of our customers prefer to use us to provide feedback facilitation for senior teams, in areas where external objectivity is required and where the 360 process is part of a larger development programme.

This is provided by Appraisal360 practitioners who are experienced coaches and facilitators matched to your industry and specific requirements. These can be provided either face to face or via skype or telephone.

Group feedback workshops

For larger groups or cohorts of people on some form of development programme a facilitated group workshop can be effective. An experienced facilitator guides the group through their report to ensure understanding; asks the appropriate coaching questions to ensure that individuals can elicit the key learning from their own feedback; and final helps them to formulate an action plan. The facilitator may also identify any individual who felt the need for a more one-to-one discussion.

Appraisal360 workbooks

Every candidate with Appraisal360 will receive a copy of our feedback Workbook. This provides guidance notes and a structured document to develop learning points and action plans. Although we highly recommend facilitator support for 360 degree feedback candidates the Workbook does give a good degree of support to people who wish to work through their feedback in their own time, or simply as an aid to the facilitation process.