How the Appraisal360 system works – interactive tour

The tour is divided into sections to reflect the point of view of the different users. You can click on any of the thumbnails to enlarge them and see the screens full size:

If you want to know about building your own 360 degree feedback questionnaires please visit the Bespoke360 page.

Trainers and Administrators

TCPThe Trainer Control Panel is the main place you’ll be working from. You can organise your appraisals into folders, set up and monitor the progress of individual appraisals and download the reports when they’re ready. The links in the header allow you to order more licences and manage your account details.

Click the thumbnail on the left to take a closer look.

create_1When you want to create an appraisal you can choose from the Instant360 questionnaires that we provide or from the custom ones that you’ve built yourself.

create_2Select the options you want and then add the names and email addresses of the people you want to appraise. You can add a maximum of 25 at one go.

You can also use the Paste from Excel function (see below) if you want to quickly add a number of people to your project.

The systems sends out emails to the people to get them started right away.

WCPYou can access the individual appraisals by clicking on them in the control panel. Here you can monitor progress, add respondents, send reminders and manage the settings of the appraisal. Once the appraisal is completed you can download the report from here too.

adding 360 degree feedback respondentsYou add the respondents by entering their names and email addresses and selecting the relationship category from the drop down list. The system will allow either the administrator or the appraisee to add respondents depending on the settings you choose.

The respondents receive an email with a link that takes them to the online questionnaire.

adding 360 degree feedback respondentsTo quickly add the details of a number of participants you can use the Paste from Excel facility. The system will check each email address individually as it adds them to the database. Once they are uploaded the emails are sent out automatically.



invitation to take part in 360 degree feedbackEach appraisee receives an email inviting them to register themselves onto the system and start their 360 appraisal.

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WCP_AppraiseeAppraisees see a simplified version of the control panel that the administrator sees. Here they can fill in their self-perception. And if the administrator has set things up that way, add their own respondents. The administrator can set things so that the appraisee cannot see the names of the respondents if they choose to do so.


respondent_emailEach respondent receives an email which enables them to access the feedback questionnaire. All they have to do is to click the button and they will be taken straight to the questionnaire. They can save their work part way through if they wish and as long as they save the email they will be able to come back to it right up until the time the report is generated.

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360 degree feedback questionnaireThe respondents access the feedback questionnaire simply by clicking a link in the email they have received. The questionnaire is designed to be easy to use on touch devices and also to highlight any unanswered questions. The questions are presented in a randomised order to prevent tramline thinking at fill-in time and the free text questions are at the end. Respondents can save their work at any time and come back to it later. You can re-access the questionnaire to edit it right up until the time that the report is downloaded. The system will automatically send reminders to people who have  not completed their questionnaires.

Managing multiple trainers or projects

trainer_manager If you are managing multiple projects or clients each of which has their own trainers or administrators you can do that too. You can set up trainers and assign licences to them. You can also define the permissions for which questionnaires they are allowed to use.