1. Firms failing managers

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    New research has shown more than a third of line managers have not been trained in how to supervise people – creating relationship and culture problems.

    A survey from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) revealed that 24% of managers are often forced to put the interests of their organisation above the interests and well-being of their team.

    In addition, they are under pressure to deal with more immediate task oriented priorities ahead of people management issues.

    What’s more, employers’ efforts to foster positive manager behaviours are being undermined by the lack of a consistent message of what organisations expect of managers.

    Meanwhile more than a quarter of companies admitted HR had not taken any action when they have received poor feedback on line managers.

    However, managers who prioritise healthy employee relationships can help drive high performance working rather than undermining it through poor practices.

    Commenting on the findings, CIPD research associate Ksenia Zheltoukhova said organisations lament the lack and quality of leaders, the Institute was not seeing evidence of their commitment to drive good leadership and management practices.

    These findings are a wake-up call for businesses to re-align the systems and structures in place in their organisations to support leadership development, Zheltoukhova added.