1. Feedback can be scary, but so can life in the dark

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    For most people, what they see in the mirror is not what others see. This is true of us all, and the person we see staring back at us is either an idealised version of our true selves or one that’s clouded by self-doubt.

    To get a true picture of ourselves, and to understand how others see us, we can’t rely on our own impressions and this is particularly true when it comes to assessing business performance.

    Only feedback from others can reveal a true picture, which is essential for improving business performance.

    Receiving feedback can be scary, but it needn’t be if it is gathered in a professional and structured way.

    In fact many managers are surprised by the amount of positive feedback they receive and, even when it’s not all good, there are usually simple steps they can take to improve.

    In fact negative feedback can often be distilled down to a few manageable themes and act as a real positive force for change. Avoiding such feedback is like sticking your head in the sand.

    A professional 360 degree feedback programme will be designed to help people to get realistic feedback on their performance, which can then acted upon. This has obvious benefits for both the individual and the organisation.

    When taking the first steps, seeking feedback can be scary, but people who would prefer to remain in the dark have much more to be afraid of in the longer term.