1. Joy by name and not by nature!

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    Sometimes it’s my job to help individuals get the best from their 360 feedback reports. Usually it’s a complete pleasure, but every now and then you get someone like Joy who isn’t a Joy!

    I was asked to facilitate feedback meetings in an engineering company. Joy managed a small admin team, …

  2. When is the right time for 360° feedback?

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    This  question comes up often:  “We know we want to run a 360 feedback programme, but we’re not sure when it’s best to do it”. Unfortunately there isn’t ‘a one size fits all’ answer, to a great extent it depends what else is going …

  3. What is the manager’s role in 360 Feedback?

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    I’ve just come across a Forbes article called ‘Why 360 programs fail’. Of course, much of the time they are highly successful development  tools – but it’s always useful to understand why sometimes a project works when at other times it fails. Can Forbes help us here?  Here’s the …

  4. Gathering and acting on feedback could help prevent NHS scandals

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    A study by the CIPD has highlighted the importance of improving the collection and analysis of people management data and employee feedback in hospitals.

    The organisation believes such improvements could help avert future care scandals in the NHS.

    Its recent survey, conducted in collaboration with the Healthcare People Management Association, found that …

  5. Employers facing high staff turnover in 2014

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    A fifth of employees plan to quit their job in 2014 according to new research that also highlights the need for managers to improve their leadership skills.

    The study of 1,001 workers by the Institute of Leadership and Management, found that of the staff who are preparing to change job, 16% …