1. Learn what corporate buyers really want to know

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    If you use learning tools with your clients – and who doesn’t – you could do a lot worse than check out the upcoming Breaking the Mould conference happening on 8th February in Leamington Spa.

    We’ve teamed up with a number of other tool providers: Jigsaw …

  2. The question is… Which is right for your 360 Appraisal?

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    Did you know that at Appraisal360 we give you the flexibility to design your own questionnaires?

    But which is the right route for your business? Is it better to always write your own questions, or will our off-the-shelf questionnaires be right for you?

    It largely depends on the type of project you’re involved …

  3. Why online 360° feedback stops you going round in circles

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    Do you want to get the best results from your 360° feedback system quickly, efficiently and at low-cost?

    This is why you should use an internet-based provider such as Appraisal360. Because although you can in theory still conduct 360 appraisals using paper-based methods, it’s much easier and manageable to …

  4. HRD 2011 – an exhibitor’s experience

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    Firstly,  a quick hi to all those who we met at HRD. It was lovely to catch up with some old friends and just as good to meet lots of new people.

    Visitors often think exhibitors are just there to sell stuff, and of course we are, but the whole experience …

  5. Get even more value from your 360 Appraisal investment

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    At Appraisal360 we don’t just offer the latest in innovative online 360 appraisal systems. Did you know we also offer specialist add-ons which not only enhance your experience but offer even more value on your appraisal investment?

    Extra tools, which complement our comprehensive 360 appraisal system, include:

    720 comparator – Used …