1. Gathering and acting on feedback could help prevent NHS scandals

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    A study by the CIPD has highlighted the importance of improving the collection and analysis of people management data and employee feedback in hospitals.

    The organisation believes such improvements could help avert future care scandals in the NHS.

    Its recent survey, conducted in collaboration with the Healthcare People Management Association, found that four in ten healthcare workers were concerned that care failings – such as those highlighted at Mid-Staffordshire – could occur in their organisation.

    One-third of nurses also said they had been bullied to behave in ways that run counter to patient care over the last two years.

    More than half of respondents said the best way to improve patient care in the NHS was to improve engagement and consultation with staff. However, just one-third respondents said that they were currently engaged at work and just one-quarter had confidence in their senior managers.

    Peter Cheese, the CIPD’s chief executive, explained that the research highlighted why NHS leaders should put more emphasis on their people management and employee data.

    They should ensure more emphasis on monitoring, analysing and, crucially, acting on people management information and feedback from staff.

    A number of tools are available to help gather and process such management data, with 360 degree feedback a method favoured by many organisations in both the private and public sector.