1. How to understand an introvert

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    Have you ever wondered what makes introverted people tick? This is the best explanation we’ve seen so far – check it out…


  2. Breaking down cultural barriers

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    While 360 degree feedback has been widely adopted across the Western World, in Europe and North America in particular, elsewhere cultural factors have often prevented business from discovering the benefits it can bring.

    As an increasing number of UK firms look to open up new markets there is a growing …

  3. Trust in leaders eroded by failure to say sorry

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    A recent survey has found that trust in leaders, and employee engagement, is being eroded by managers who fail to apologise or acknowledge when they’re wrong.

    The study by a leading learning provider found there was a major disconnect between how managers perceived their behaviour when compared with views of employees.

    Interestingly, …

  4. Different models for feedback

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    The effectiveness of feedback as a tool for assessing an employee’s performance and identifying areas for improvement is well established but there are many forms it can take.

    While 360 degree feedback is generally regarded as the most effective in many situations, and is more well rounded than feedback collected from …

  5. Selecting the right participants for effective 360 degree feedback

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    To get the most from any 360 degree feedback programme, one of the things participants or employers need to do is to select the right respondents to provide feedback and group them appropriately.

    How the selection is made will depend on the organisaton, the position, and the individual being reviewed but …