1. 360 degree feedback – How to handle denial

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    It’s not a simple task to working through a 360 report with someone. It can be like holding up a mirror – but they don’t always like the reflection they see. Usually people are interested to see how others have scored them and despite some initial apprehension, approach the report …

  2. Lack of trust harming productivity

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    Only a third of British workers trust their senior management, a statistic that’s posing a significant threat to business and wider economic growth according to the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development.

    Research conducted by the organisation found just 37% of staff said they trusted their organisation’s senior management and the …

  3. Keep your cool to make the most of feedback

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    Receiving feedback can be an uncomfortable experience but, to become better leaders, managers need keep cool, take a step back and not take negative comments personally.

    While multi-rater management development tools such as 360 degree feedback are capable of providing individuals with valuable information about their workplace behaviors, including their strengths …

  4. 360 feedback reports: What free text comments really tell you.

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    360 degree feedback questionnaires normally include scored questions which pinpoint specific behaviours and then more general questions intended to capture more generic comments or to give raters the opportunity to add something to their feedback that the scored questions alone did not allow.

    The important point to remember is that free …

  5. Making the most of opportunities as economy improves

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    The Office for National Statistics has not only confirmed that the UK economy is growing, it’s growing faster than anyone expected.

    In the three months to September, GDP grew by 0.8% compared with the previous quarter and the year-on-year figure has been revised up, from 1.5% to 1.9%.

    With such positive news, …