1. I’m not a number, I’m a free man!

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    It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that there has been much comment recently about making workplaces more ‘human’. Most thinkers agree that appreciating people for their talents and uniqueness, rather than trying to shoehorn them into a role is the current best practice; ruling with command and control is old …

  2. Watch out for the Skew!

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    Watch out for the Skew!

    Sometimes I need to remind clients what they can expect from a 360 report.  Any questionnaire or psychometric tool or can only give you a snapshot of what people were thinking at the time they answered the questions.  This should be blindingly obvious, but many of …

  3. A lesson from the air conditioning

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    I was once running a training session, where the delegates complained bitterly about the temperature of the room; the air conditioning only seemed capable of producing extreme heat or an iced chill. Coats on , coats off…and repeat…I soon realised that more than the  odd cursory’ turn it …

  4. What if my boss scores me badly?

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    Folk often approach their 360 feedback report with some trepidation, which is understandable. Often there are no surprises, but at other times there can be, for example where there isn’t a culture of co-operation between departments, or relationships aren’t particularly open and honest. 

    The one aspect that can strike …

  5. Let’s hear it for strengths!

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    Many of us are programmed to brush off praise, barely letting it enter our psyche. When given some criticism  though, we thoroughly  dissect it, focus a huge amount of energy on thinking about it again and again, often going round in circles. I see it in myself when …