1. How do you rate yourself in appraisals?

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    360 appraisals aren’t just a good way to find out how others truly see you, they also tell you whether your own self-perception in terms of your professional personality is accurate.

    It may seem surprising but when it comes to the self-assessment part of a 360 appraisal, most of us  are pretty …

  2. Getting ready for 360 Appraisals

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    Launching an effective 360 appraisal system within your business isn’t just a matter of choosing the right provider – there are important steps you can take that will help to ensure is it a smooth-running success before it even begins:
    Third party provider or internal staff?
    If you want to get honest and …

  3. The 360 Appraisal way of identifying employee issues

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    One of the most beneficial aspects of 360 appraisals is the ability to identify any employee issues before they become a real problem for your business.

    360 feedback results, if tabulated correctly, will show you at a glance any hot spots that you need to act on.

    By analysing employee self-analysis scores, you’ll …

  4. 360 Appraisals for Beginners – New Practitioner Workshops for Businesses

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    Businesses throughout the UK can learn more about how 360 degree appraisals can benefit their company at a new workshop taking place in Stratford-upon-Avon this month.

    Our new practitioner workshop is designed to give learning and development professionals and HR managers the confidence and knowledge to successfully introduce 360 degree feedback in …

  5. Do you Need to Make Friends to get a Good 360 Appraisal?

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    If you’re running a 360 appraisal system in your business, is it better for employees to choose their own respondents or for you to select people for them?

    In fact, it’s good practice for employees to choose their own respondents. By giving them this responsibility, and the option to personally choose who …