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  1. The dangers of over analysing your 360° feedback report

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    Lots of graphs and charts in your 360 degree review report make it easier for people to interpret the feedback and understand what’s being said, right?

    Well, no. Not necessarily.

    Just because computers are good at turning numbers into graphs and charts doesn’t mean that those charts are useful, …

  2. 360 degree feedback before and after

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    Many of our customers are looking to use 360 degree feedback as a means of measuring development progress around an L&D intervention of some kind. Easy: just do a 360 feedback before you start, do one again a while later and then compare the numbers. …

  3. 360 feedback reports: what rater groups can tell you.

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    360 degree feedback normally collects feedback from a range of different people who know the appraisee well and can provide useful input. Typically to ensure a proper cross section of responses raters will be chosen from the appraisee’s colleagues, peers, reports, managers, maybe customer, external contacts and so on.

    When the …