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  1. 360 Appraisals for Beginners – New Practitioner Workshops for Businesses

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    Businesses throughout the UK can learn more about how 360 degree appraisals can benefit their company at a new workshop taking place in Stratford-upon-Avon this month.

    Our new practitioner workshop is designed to give learning and development professionals and HR managers the confidence and knowledge to successfully introduce 360 degree feedback in …

  2. Do you Need to Make Friends to get a Good 360 Appraisal?

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    If you’re running a 360 appraisal system in your business, is it better for employees to choose their own respondents or for you to select people for them?

    In fact, it’s good practice for employees to choose their own respondents. By giving them this responsibility, and the option to personally choose who …

  3. Training Those Who Deliver 360 Feedback

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    Deciding to invest and implement 360 appraisals is a big decision for any company, but investing in the team which will deliver the feedback to employees is just as important.

    Why? Because if the 360 feedback isn’t given to the recipient in the correct way, the whole exercise could be …

  4. How Not to Do 360 Appraisals – The Common Mistakes

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    360 appraisals are a highly useful and powerful tool for companies when implemented correctly. But many companies make mistakes during the process that can jeopardise the usefulness of the entire project.

    Here’s just a few of the most common mistakes that companies can make – but which are all …

  5. When Should 360 Appraisals Not Be Used?

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    When used properly, 360 degree feedback is a powerful tool within business. But are there ever any instances when 360 appraisals should not be used?

    The answer is yes. 360 feedback is designed to help a person’s development, to help them identify their individual strengths and weaknesses and to ultimately help them …