1. Training Those Who Deliver 360 Feedback

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    Deciding to invest and implement 360 appraisals is a big decision for any company, but investing in the team which will deliver the feedback to employees is just as important.

    Why? Because if the 360 feedback isn’t given to the recipient in the correct way, the whole exercise could be wasted.

    Remember, no one likes getting negative feedback so it’s crucial to handle it sensitively, whilst demonstrating how employees can use their feedback to make a positive difference to their career through development plans and company support.

    Human resource departments, and learning and development professionals within companies must invest the time and effort in training the right people to run and manage the 360 appraisal process.

    Those tasked with delivering feedback must be able to understand the data they are given for each employee, and crucially know the most productive way to deliver that feedback.

    Any 360 appraisal provider should include training for internal staff so they understand the resulting report’s structure, and are able to analyse the data.

    At Appraisal360, we choose practitioners who are fully trained to be able to act as facilitators to deliver the feedback for you, or we can provide training for your own staff. We’re also on hand to give you full support by telephone to ensure you get the most from your 360 programme.

    Because one of the biggest challenges of 360 appraisals is making sure your delivery team has the right skills to get the most out of your investment.