1. Why Use 360 Appraisals?

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    Why should you consider using a 360 degree appraisal system? Companies new to the concept of 360 appraisals often don’t realise the benefits it brings until they try it for themselves.

    So what is a 360 degree appraisal exactly? It’s a way for an employee to get confidential, anonymous feedback from the people they work with, whether it’s their manager, colleagues or peers.

    This feedback focuses on behaviours and competencies, rather than on performance objectives, or job-specific skills. It focuses on other skills, such as communication, analytical thinking, commercial awareness and teamwork.

    This feedback can then be used to help the recipient identify areas they need to improve upon, and ultimately become a more effective employee who excels at their job. Some of the benefits of a 360 degree appraisal include:

    • The opportunity for employees at all levels to identify their true strengths and weaknesses
    • Automatically-tabulated results, presented to the recipient in a format so they can create their own personal development plan for improvement
    • The opportunity for recipients to gain valuable insight into how others see them, compared to how they see themselves
    • Helping employees to become more effective in their current roles, and to understand areas to focus on for improvement to secure promotion
    • A highly-effective tool for managers to see how their team perceive them and how effective they are in their leadership role

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