1. Why online 360° feedback stops you going round in circles

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    Do you want to get the best results from your 360° feedback system quickly, efficiently and at low-cost?

    This is why you should use an internet-based provider such as Appraisal360. Because although you can in theory still conduct 360 appraisals using paper-based methods, it’s much easier and manageable to have everything online.

    There’s no point wasting valuable time and company resources to compile and send out questionnaires, chase up respondents and translate and present the data, when a few clicks of a mouse can do the same job without the risk of human error. Plus by choosing an online system, respondents are guaranteed anonymity with no paper trail of their responses.

    One of the hardest parts of conducting any 360 appraisal is making sure respondents actually do respond to the questionnaires they are sent. Using an internet-based system allows you to see at a glance who has responded and who hasn’t, making it easy for you to send email reminders and check progress.

    All that you need to use the Appraisal360 system is an internet connection, with no software to download or run. This means that anyone can take part, no matter where they are in the world. Even suppliers and third parties associated with your company can join in simply and easily.

    And when it comes to analysing the data from your 360 appraisals, our online system tabulates it automatically, generating individual feedback reports for you which you can send electronically at the touch of a button, ensuring complete confidentiality.

    So if you want a system that’s convenient, speedy and importantly cost-effective, contact Appraisal360 today to find out why we’re market leaders and innovators in online 360 appraisals.