1. The question is… Which is right for your 360 Appraisal?

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    Did you know that at Appraisal360 we give you the flexibility to design your own questionnaires?

    But which is the right route for your business? Is it better to always write your own questions, or will our off-the-shelf questionnaires be right for you?

    It largely depends on the type of project you’re involved in. For most professional job roles, such as managing director, the competencies required for these positions will be well known, so our standard questionnaires will be suitable.

    However, for some organisations the house style is very important. Or they may have been rolling out a cultural development programme based around a set of core values. In these cases it may be sensible to draft your own questionnaires to dovetail with the rest of the programme.

    You can be assured that all of our off-the-shelf questionnaires have been expertly designed and carefully crafted to make sure you get the results you need from your 360° feedback system.

    All of our off-the-shelf questionnaires have competency frameworks for particular roles, which describe the ideal qualities needed for that job, and cover a wide range of topics such as analytical thinking, customer focus and commercial awareness. This ensures balanced feedback.

    There are also levels of framework, to reflect the differing expertise and skill needed between higher and lower level staff, even though the area of competency may be the same.

    You would usually only need to write your own questionnaires if you have a particular focus, or if you need specific results from your 360 appraisal data. This is where our new Profiler tool comes in. It allows you to easily create your own custom questionnaires, unique to your business.

    The Appraisal360 Competency Profiler tool helps you design a library of reusable competencies and write your questions so that respondents clearly understand what is being asked of them, whilst ensuring your questionnaire fulfils the basic requirements of a 360 appraisal, such as ensuring that your questions focus on observerable behaviour, rather than subjective points of view.

    Whichever questionnaire route is right for your business, with Appraisal360’s help you will always get the best results from your data and your investment.