1. Practitioner Network

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    We’ve always specialised in providing online 360 feedback tools. And one of the things that makes us different is that we’re not consultants and we don’t offer consultancy or coaching services. That’s good because it means that we can focus on what we’re good at and we’re never in competition with our practitioner customers.

    But what we’ve recognised is that there’s an opening for providing support services to the practitioners that use our products in terms of training days and networking opportunities. We ran the first of these in April 2010 and now we’re planning more.

    Ultimately we hope to cater for practitioners or HR officers who simply want to learn how to effectively use the tools and deliver 360 feedback into an organisation. And we’re also looking at more advanced programmes for people who are looking to use 360 feedback as a business development opportunity.

    If you’d like to know more then check out our practitioner site.