1. Lack of trust harming productivity

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    Only a third of British workers trust their senior management, a statistic that’s posing a significant threat to business and wider economic growth according to the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development.

    Research conducted by the organisation found just 37% of staff said they trusted their organisation’s senior management and the CIPD has warned that
    employees who do not trust their senior managers are likely to be less productive and less engaged.

    As a result, it argues that there is considerable room for improvement in raising the UK’s relatively low labour productivity.

    In its report, entitled Are organisations losing the trust of their workers, the CIPD analyses the various factors likely to be behind weak employee trust, the implications for organisations when trust is lost, and how trust can be rebuilt.

    A key finding of the report was the fact that employees were more likely to trust senior managers when they felt they were listened to and when their views were taken into account when decisions were made.

    Employee surveys suggest key elements in rebuilding trust included improved communication, a stronger employee voice, more meaningful consultation and ensuring that systems and individual behaviour reinforced corporate values.

    The report will be of great interest to practitioners of 360 degree feedback, an appraisal system ideally suited to analysing the performance of managers by incorporating the views of the people who report to them as well as their immediate managers and other important respondents such as customers.