1. Three Good Things to do for Your Staff

    Posted in Tips & Best Practice

    It’s easy for your staff or colleagues to get hooked on the difficult parts of feedback, which can have a negative impact on productivity.  It’s even easier to forget the simple things you can do that can keep your people  motivated and enthusiastic. Here are Three good things you should be doing regularly, not just when the going gets tough!

    Appreciation and thanks

    Give your colleagues specific, genuine thanks for their contribution. Even maintaining steady output is a big achievement these days. Make sure your people know that you appreciate their efforts, skills and attitude. Specific thanks work better than a general “well done”; make it clear what it is you are thanking them for. If it helps them realise what their key strengths are, so much the better. Never underestimate the power of appreciation.


    Be interested in them as people. The more you understand about what is important to them, what their values are and how they make decisions, the better equipped you are to manage and motivate them.  One size fits all management won’t help you discover what makes your top people tick. Take the opportunity at the Xmas party to find out things you didn’t already know. Spend a few minutes thinking about good topics of conversation that aren’t too heavy, but will help you get better understanding.


    Give your top performers good PR. Tell others about their achievements. Does your boss recognise who is responsible for the successes in your team? Do your customers or teams in other departments know who has gone the extra mile? It will increase confidence, and probably their commitment too – recognition is an important factor in staff engagement. Rest assured, reflected glory back at you won’t be far behind.

    If you arm your team with regular knowledge about how they are valued and what they are really good at, there is every chance they will not only deal with difficult feedback in a more balanced way, but they will also respond positively to every day challenges too.