Your company has a diversity policy in place, but how do you know that your people are actually behaving in line with best practice?

The most effective way is by using the Appraisal360 Diversity tool to monitor real life behaviour. We specialise in providing online 360 degree feedback tools to support companies with the development of their staff.

Appraisal360 Diversity uses a structured competency based questionnaire focussed around diversity best practice. Firstly, the user fills in the questionnaire with their self -perceptions. Then six people who know that person, boss, colleagues etc, are asked to fill in the same questionnaire with their perceptions of that person. The system compiles an easy to understand report which highlights strengths and weaknesses and areas where the user’s self perception differs from other people’s perception of them. It also comes with a set of learning materials to help turn the report into action. A matching support and mentoring service is also available. By using this tool you can see how well your staff are doing in actually putting your diversity policy into practice.

If you use competencies in the development and assessment of your staff then Appraisal360 provides you with a ready to roll Diversity competency framework to dovetail into what you already have. If not then you can still use Appraisal360 as a stand alone system which will help you develop best practice equality and diversity behaviour in your business and will help support your C2E (Committed to Equality) accreditation if that’s what you require.

By monitoring diversity behaviour, companies using the Appraisal360 tool will be better equipped to prove their measurable commitment to and delivery of diversity best practice within their organisations and throughout their supplier chain. Therefore Appraisal360 has the potential to equip companies to better participate in tendering for public and commercial opportunities.

Hints and Tips
Here are some hints and tips from us to get you started in putting diversity into your appraisal system straight away.

  • Firstly devise and publish corporate objectives around diversity
  • Secondly make sure that as with all other objectives that your people understand how what they do contributes to those diversity objectives
  • Thirdly encourage everyone to have one or more objectives around diversity and then measure them on them in the appraisal process

In terms of competencies, a good beginning would be to add some or all of the following into your existing Competency Framework:-

Diversity at work

  • Helps people to feel valued no matter their culture, ability or circumstances
  • Encourages people in minorities to feel comfortable with their own culture and beliefs without suffering prejudice or hostility
  • Treats people as individuals
  • Creates an environment in which all employees can realise their full potential no matter what their background, ability etc
  • Openly values the benefits that different people bring to the organisation
  • Is sensitive to the stress encountered by people who are in a minority
  • Understands and acts on what motivates different people as individuals