North Staffs Chamber of Commerce

Gail Machin is PA to the chief executive of North Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce and was one of the first people to try the new 360 degree feedback system at

She tested the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) 360 degree feedback product and was appraised by a number of her co workers. Emotional intelligence is a person’s ability to understand their own emotions and those of others, and to act appropriately using those emotions.

Gail wanted to see how 360 degree feedback could complement the chamber’s existing appraisal system.

“One of the best things about the system was the fact that it made it really easy to get feedback from colleagues,” she said.

“The fact that it was done online made it really fast and it was easy to use. Because it was anonymous it meant that people could say what they really thought, rather than what they thought I would have wanted to hear.

“You do get out of it what you put in. The initial questionnaire is extensive and very thorough so it takes some time to really consider your answers.

“But the feedback report at the end really gave me food for thought and was something I used as part of my appraisal with my line manager to discuss the issues it raised.

“Because the feedback had come from people I know and trust, I was more confident about my strengths and also felt more motivated to do something about any weaknesses.”

Gail said she would use the system again to see if changes she made based on the results of feedback had had any impact on the results.

“It is something that would provide a really useful ongoing appraisal tool and I am keen that as an organisation we look at using the system,” she said.

“I’m just waiting for the chief executive to have a go and to see what he says!”