• 360° feedback tools for coaches

    360° feedback tools for coaches

    • Online, fast, simple 360° feedback tools
    • Add 360° feedback to your portfolio
    • Manage large 360° feedback projects
    • Deliver custom competency profiles
    • Join our Practitioner Network

360 degree feedback online, fast and simple

If like many coaches and consultants you’re looking to the means to deliver 360 degree feedback easily and efficiently to your clients then look no further. Everyone understands that 360° feedback is a powerful intervention, but it can be cumbersome and time consuming  – that is, until now. By using our online service you can take the pain out of managing 360° feedback.

So, like many of our customers, you came to us because customers were asking you for 360 and you were putting them off because of the workload then you need to sign up a FREE trainer account with us:

Setting up your Appraisal360 trainer’s account

You need to set up a trainer account with us if:

  1. You are a coach, trainer, consultant or other HR professional.
  2. You want to administer the 360° feedback process for a number of people.
  3. You want to be able to purchase 360° feedback licenses from us.

Click here to set up your FREE Appraisal360 trainer’s account

Your trainer’s account will enable you to manage 360 projects and also purchase and use the add on special tools that we offer to add value to your projects.

Become an Appraisal360 Practitioner – join our network

Many coaches, trainers, consultants and other HR Professionals have benefited from being a part of our Practitioner Network. We offer competitively priced 360° feedback training workshops, networking and referral opportunities, masterclasses and business development programmes. Find out more about the Appraisal360 Practitioner Network.