• Special 360° feedback tools Single

    Special 360° feedback tools Single

The Feedback Anonymiser – for sensitive situations

For most applications the feedback reports that our system produces are just fine. They strike the right balance between giving the appraisee sufficient information to be useful, while still giving the respondents a sufficient level of confidentiality.

But sometimes customers need to take this a step further and give an extra level of security to the respondents who are giving feedback. Useful in potentially sensitive situations the Feedback Anonymiser renders respondent tracking impossible by scrambling the report output and removing rater group information.

Classic feedback reports

Our classic feedback report provides lots of information to help extract the best from it in the simplest and clearest way. If you look at the In Detail section of the report you will see that the scores from the individual respondents are shown:

360 feedback report detail

The responses are colour coded to show which rater group they come from and also they are shown in a consistent sequence e.g. the second score along is always from the same respondent. Also the responses from each rater group are clustered together. This allows the reader to look for patterns and marking irregularities.

Anonymised feedback reports

The anonymised report removes some of this information. All of the individual scores are shown in monochrome and they are sorted into descending order. This means that they will not be in the same order all the time and so you can’t read down the columns in the same way as you can with the Classic report:

For the free text answers at the end of the report the responses are all reproduced in monochrome for the anonymised report.

Have it both ways

But the information is not lost – if you have the Feedback Anonymiser tool you can produce your reports in either format. So for example, the trainer might want to produce the Classic report to examine before the feedback session, and then produce the anonymised version to give to the client.

If you think that the Feedback Anonymiser will add value to your 360 feedback projects then contact us to arrange to have it on your account.