How to buy your 360° feedback online

To sign up an account for online 360 degree feedback click here.

If you are a trainer or HR professional:

By this we mean you’re wanting to administer 360 appraisals for a number of other people, clients, employees or whomever. In this case you’ll need to create yourself an account.

Once you’ve done this and signed in you will find further instructions on how to buy licences and get up and running. You will need one licence for each assessment you want to do. You can either pay by credit card or select to pay offline and we will process the order manually for you and contact you to arrange payment – you will only be able to download the reports when we have received your payment.

If you want to purchase any of the special tools or a Branded360 microsite then you will need to contact us so that we can set these up for you.

360° feedback for individuals

If you’re just wanting to do a 360 appraisal independently for yourself then you can do that by selecting the product you want from the list on the right. You will then be taken to the Buy Now page where you will be asked to sign up and complete your purchase.

If you choose to do the free trial then you will be restricted to adding only two respondents and your report will be watermarked, but otherwise it works like the full system. But don’t worry because you can easily upgrade to the full product at any time just by clicking the upgrade button and paying online.

If you need any assistance then you can contact us for more help and advice.