1. New ordering process

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    Over the last few weeks we’ve been making a number of major changes to our system and how it works. The most visible of these for most people is the ordering process. We’ve simplified it to make it easier and quicker to place your orders and you can now place …

  2. Three Good Things to do for Your Staff

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    It’s easy for your staff or colleagues to get hooked on the difficult parts of feedback, which can have a negative impact on productivity.  It’s even easier to forget the simple things you can do that can keep your people  motivated and enthusiastic. Here are Three good things you should …

  3. 360 feedback facilitator training

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    We hope you are enjoying the warm weather and getting ready for summer holidays. We often find summer in Learning & Development is a time for taking stock, planning and ensuring development programmes are in place for September as the main holiday period ends.

    This year we have beaten the rush …

  4. I’m not a number, I’m a free man!

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    It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that there has been much comment recently about making workplaces more ‘human’. Most thinkers agree that appreciating people for their talents and uniqueness, rather than trying to shoehorn them into a role is the current best practice; ruling with command and control is old …

  5. Watch out for the Skew!

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    Watch out for the Skew!

    Sometimes I need to remind clients what they can expect from a 360 report.  Any questionnaire or psychometric tool or can only give you a snapshot of what people were thinking at the time they answered the questions.  This should be blindingly obvious, but many of …

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